Biennale 5
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Learning in Community Service

Auteur(s) : NANNI Silvina

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Thème : L'action et l'environnement
Groupe thématique : Le Partenariat, les collaborations
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Mots clés : curricular proposal, community service, learning in community service

bull2.gif (117 octets)   The School Department of the Archbishopric of the city of Buenos Aires is an institution which coordinates the work of fifty (50) schools and represents it before other institutions. The following services are offered: pastoral, pedagogical, administrative and legal.
bull2.gif (117 octets)  The educational project of the Department is based upon the Christian anthropological cosmovision. We consider the school as a church instrument of whole learning serving the neighbourhood and diocesan community with which we want to achieve:
bull2.gif (117 octets)  The acquisition, the theoretical and instrumental handling of meaningful learning taking into account an open, reflective, creative and critical attitude of the reality which fosters the synthesis between Faith and Science, Faith and Culture, Faith and Life.
bull2.gif (117 octets)  The identification of the way of life described in the Gospel through service, community life and building the civilization of love.
bull2.gif (117 octets)  The development of community attitudes of interaction, cooperative work, participation in which we show the capacity to talk and listen, tolerance and mutual acceptance.
bull2.gif (117 octets)  To foster attitudes of openness to the neighbouring community and committing seriously in the promotion of the common good and care for the areas that are most vulnerable both spiritually and economically.
bull2.gif (117 octets)  In 1999, the last and preparatory year for the Jubilee of 2000 we have begun to work on and recontextualize an educational project called Learning in Community Service; which aims at getting each member of the educational community to internalize, express and show fully the cosmovision so that their lives give evidence of commitment with the Gospel.
bull2.gif (117 octets)  Our project is based upon an ethical background that allows for a way to apprehend the others and the world, a way to interact.
bull2.gif (117 octets)  It brings together principles, values, learning objectives and competences.
bull2.gif (117 octets)  The curricular proposal interacts with community service as much as the community service interacts with the curricular proposal.
bull2.gif (117 octets)  It appears in real life situation that goes beyond classroom work as far as complexity, richness and challenge.