Biennale 5
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"Computer assisted language learning method: the methodology of a tool built for "non-school-able" students.

Auteur(s) : BAUVOIS Cécile, DECAMPS Sandrine

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Thème : Accès à l'information - l'enseignement à distance
Groupe thématique : Accès à l'information et communication pour les premiers apprentissages
Mots clés : Languages learning, needs analysis, CD-ROM, waiters

bull2.gif (117 octets)   Thanks to a Leonardo da Vinci project, nine countries are working together on a brand-new computer assisted language learning method.
bull2.gif (117 octets)  This method is aimed at training people who work far away from places of learning and who generally have had a negative schooling experience. It is based on a multi-cultural needs analysis.
bull2.gif (117 octets)  The CD-ROM constitutes the stable part of the training. It includes two types of teaching devices. The first one includes the professional situations of linguistic learning and remains identical for all countries involved in the partnership. This device allows the student to be able to communicate in a very short period of time. The second part will be different for each country as it gives relevant information about the culture of each country-partner.
bull2.gif (117 octets)  The main focus of the paper will be the methodological aspects of the tool: the goals, the steps of the construction and the theoretical foundations.