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In partnership with different types of institutions and establishments – universities, écoles normales supérieures (teacher training schools), the CNRS (national scientific research centre), the university institutes for teacher training (IUFM) –, the INRP contributes to the development of research in education on a national scale.

In compliance with its recent contract, the INRP is now developing much of its research duties within the framework of shared units.
As a research body involved in basic or applied scientific production, it conducts its work based on clearly identified development directions and targets:

learning processes and situations;
changes in the education system;
development of teaching knowledge and professionalism.

These directions take on board the expectations of society with regard to the education system, and the position of research in France. They also aim to make it possible to implant the agency into the university environment in Lyon and the Rhone-Alpes region.

For the duration of its contract (2002-2006), the INRP research programme is structured around three types of scientific partnerships:

joint research units (UMR);
research teams in technology and education (ERTé) working with joint research units and made up of universities, two écoles normales supérieures or teacher training schools and, for one of them, with the support of the Academy of Sciences;
project teams, for a two-year trial period, in association with a group composing university institutes for teacher training (IUFM) and universities.
The INRP is asserting itself as a privileged player in scientific and technical exchange networks between research laboratories, education professionals and training-for-life professionals. The INRP also aims to strengthen international recognition of French research in education. To do this, it cooperates with a number of foreign partners, especially in French-speaking areas and European networks specialised in the field of education.

Research units    
    research units    

Continuous updating of science teachers’ knowledge (ACCES)
Director: Marc DESMET (INRP)

Director: Luc TROUCHE

Contemporary issues of history and geography education(ECEHG)
INRP correspondent: Nicole ALLIEU-MARY

Literature and education
Director: François QUET (INRP)

History of Education division (SHE)
Director: Pierre CASPARD
Deputy Director: Philippe SAVOIE

    4 joint research units (UnitÚs Mixtes de Recherche)    

Learning, Teaching, Evaluation, Training (ADEF)
Director: Alain MERCIER (INRP)
Partners: INRP – IUFM of Aix-Marseille – University of Provence

Education and policies (EDUCPOL)
Director: Jean-Louis DEROUET (INRP)
Partners: INRP - University Lyon II

Interaction, Corpus, Learning, Representation (ICAR)
Director: Lorenza MONDADA
INRP correspondent: Christian BUTY et Claude CORTIER
Partners: INRP – CNRS - Ecole Normale Supérieure LSH Lyon - University Lyon II

Science, techniques, education, training (STEF)
Director: Joël LEBEAUME (ENS Cachan)
INRP correspondent: Maryline COQUIDE
Partners: INRP – Ecole Normale Supérieure of Cachan


    research teams in technology and education (ERTé)  

Director: Eric BRUILLARD
INRPcorrespondent : Maryline COQUIDE













Research partners    
    Universities and major establishments    

The CNRS national scientific research centre
The Academy of Sciences
Ecole Normale Supérieure (teacher training school) of the rue d’Ulm
Ecole Normale Supérieure (teacher training school) of Cachan
Ecole Normale Supérieure (teacher training school) of Lyon
Ecole Normale Supérieure (teacher training school) of the Literary Arts and Human Sciences
University of Lyon I
University of Lyon II
University of Aix-Marseille I
University of Grenoble I
The university institutes for teacher training (IUFM)




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