Vocational training of trainers




Vocational training of trainers    

Vocational training is one of the five units of the INRP set up by its trustees.

The role of the Vocational Training unit is to encourage links between pedagogical research and training, by drawing attention to questions concerning research and the results of research carried out within the Agency. It makes it convenient for teacher trainers, who are the Agency’s primary target, to use the Agency’s resources.

Thus, the Vocational Training Unit enhances the value of research carried out by the INRP within the joint research units (UMR) and research teams in technology and education (ERTé). Also, in collaboration with the different divisions of the INRP, it contributes to distributing knowledge resulting from research, and to having this knowledge adopted by the different players in the education system. To do this, it works in cooperation with the Agency’s trustees and partners (university laboratories, training institutions such as the university institutes for teacher training - IUFM, the ESEN – higher national school for training public education senior officers, etc.)




    One unit advisory managers : Anne-Marie CHARTIER +33 (0)4 72 76 62 32 -  




A training team comprising :


- Two researchers
Michel BOIS
+33 (0)4 72 76 62 33 -  
      Jérôme FALDA +33 (0)4 72 76 62 34 - courriel

- Associate professors

Dominique CERDA
Véronique PALOWSKI
Nadine PUYOL
Fabienne SABOYA
Christine VANETTI
Dominique VIEVARD


    Proposals for action - 2008/09    
    continuous training for teacher trainers    
    Proposals for action - 2007/08    
    Continuous training for teacher trainers    
    Proposals for action - 2005/06    

Continuous training for teacher trainers




    2004 – 2005 Programme    

In order to draw up a list of questions concerning the vocational training of teacher trainers, seminars and workshops will be organised.






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