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Combating poverty 2010
2010 has been designated European Year for combating poverty and social exclusion.

VST department (Science and Technology Watch department) offers the English release of its monthly publication, "Dossier d'actualité" (summary of the research currently being carried out in a area).

n°46: Quality Indicators and Educational Research publications: which publications count?
n°42: In the footsteps of the world education market
n°39: Assessment: a central issue for learning
n°38 : Teaching evolution in France
n°34 : From the transmission of knowledge to a competence-based approach
n°31 : Reading methods and learning difficulties
n°30 - Education of the Roma in Europe
n°29 - University “small worlds” in Globalisation
n°28 - Leaving school without diplomas, and educational inadequacy
n°27- Teaching “controversial issues”: a living, vital link between school and society?
n°26 - Aims, competences and professional identity
n°25 - Career and educational guidance policies
n°24 - Leadership and educational change
n°23 - After-school tutoring, between popular education and a service industry
n°22 - Parents and schools
n°21 - The Digital Workspace in the school environment
n°20 - Basic skills and the psychology of education
n°19 - “Swiched-on” teenagers
n°18 - What is “good” research in education?
n°17 - Information literacy
n°16 - Intermediary regulation processes and steering
n°15 - Evaluating arts and cultural education in schools
n° 14 - School segregation and elites education
n°13 - Teacher Education
n°12 - Arts, culture and school
n°11 - School education under the age of 6 .

NESSE Report
Now available! Gender and Education (and Employment). Gendered imperatives and their implications for women and men. Lessons from research for policy makers.

Next NESSE Seminar

"Strategies to combat school failure and early school leaving : lessons from research for policy makers"
with Christoph Meng (University Maastricht) and Andreas Walther (IRIS)."
Brussels, 21 October 2009.

Launching of the VISA database

The official launching of the VISA database will take place on May, 14th and 15th. The VISA project aims to offer a video recordings database showing teaching & training situations and their related documents to the scientific community. The aim is to help the educational research community to develop new practices based on the database. The development and sharing of methodologies is the heart of VISA activities.


Exhibition: Voir / Savoir (See / Know)
teaching with pictures since the beginning of printing (16th to 20th century)
As from December 10th 2008, the National Museum of Education in Rouen will present an exhibition about teaching with pictures since the beginning of printing (16th to 20th century).

13th International Symposium for Museums of School Life and School History Collections:1st- 4 July 2009 ( Rouen (France)), "Pictures and teaching"
The 13th International Symposium for Museums of School Life and School History Collections will take place in Rouen, Normandy, between the 1st and 4. July 2009.
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Resources portal
Resources portal is launched
The Web-site of the european Network of experts in Social Sciences of Education and training ( NESSE ) coordinated by INRP for the European Commission is launched.

INRP was selected by the European Commission to run two projects:
NESSE : European network of experts in the social sciences of education and training
and EUROPEP : Comparison of the Priority Education Policies in Europe. Evaluation, conditions of success.
Finding, ordering and buying on line INRP publications

The books and magazines published by the Institut national de recherche pédagogique (INRP) are mentioned in the on-line catalogue of publications. You can now not only do research on this catalogue, but also order and pay on line with a credit card. Very soon an extension of the site will allow you to subscribe to several INRP magazines and pay for it on line.
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